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The Economist: Banyan: The Buddha and the tigress

Mar 10, 2012

The Economist (March 10, 2012) Source In Tibet, self-destruction has become the latest form of defiance A FAMOUS story tells how, in a previous life, the Buddha took pity on a starving tigress, who might otherwise have had to eat her newborn cubs. He sacrificed himself instead. The tale is often recalled by Tibetans in […]

The Guardian: Tibetan acts of self-immolation rise amid the battle for hearts and minds

Feb 12, 2012

The Guardian- UK (February 12, 2012) Jonathan Watts in Aba Source Special report: in Aba, a remote town on the Tibetan plateau, the Guardian witnesses how Chinese authorities are trying to quell dissent through security, propaganda and ‘re-education’ On the roof of the world, Chinese paramilitaries are trying to snuff out Tibetan resistance to Beijing’s […]

The Diplomat: Tibetans Burn Selves for Freedom

Feb 07, 2012

The Diplomat (February 7, 2012) By Prof Ming Xia News today that three Tibetan herders may have set themselves alight highlights the increasing frequency with which Tibetans (usually monks or nuns) have been turning to self-immolation, bringing to 19 the total that have done so in the past year. Why are Tibetans setting themselves on […]