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New York Times: Many Chinese Intellectuals Are Silent Amid a Wave of Tibetan Self-Immolations

Nov 09, 2012

New York Times (November 9, 2012) By Andrew Jacobs Source BEIJING — In a gruesome act of resistance that has played out dozens of times in recent months, six young Tibetans set fire to themselves this week, shouting demands for freedom as they were consumed by flames. On Friday, for the second day in a […]

THE TELEGRAPH: China using massive surveillance grid to stop Tibetan self-immolation

Nov 09, 2012

THE TELEGRAPH- UK (November 9, 2012) By Malcolm Moore, and Tom Phillips in Beijing Source China has revealed it is using a massive surveillance camera network to cover restive areas of Tibet and bring to an end a grisly wave of self-immolations. Officials at the 18th party Congress claimed yesterday that the ‘Skynet’ network has […]

South China Morning Post: China steps up security in Tibet after self-immolations

Nov 09, 2012

South China Morning Post (November 9, 2012) Agence France-Presse in Beijing Source China is boosting security in Tibetan areas after a spate of self-immolation protests just as Beijing holds a key political gathering, local residents and overseas rights groups said on Friday. Armed police in paramilitary vehicles stepped up patrols in Tongren, in the northwestern […]

StarTribune: Self-immolations accelerate as Tibet demands its freedom

Oct 30, 2012

Star Tribune (October 30, 2012) By Simon Denyer, Washington Post Source NEW DELHI, INDIA – As China’s Communist Party prepares for its leadership transition, a wave of self-immolations has spread and accelerated across Tibet in the most sustained protests against Beijing’s rule there in five decades. Most of those who have set themselves afire are […]

Newsweek Magazine: Will Beijing’s New Leaders Solve the Tibet Crisis?

Oct 15, 2012

(October 15, 2012) Source Can Beijing’s incoming leaders resolve Tibet’s crisis and stop the spate of fiery suicides? Students of Buddhist history and literature know well the ancient fables about Buddha’s early incarnations, known as the Jataka Tales. In one, he is a prince who encounters a desperate, starving tigress with seven newborn cubs. It’s […]